Nashville massage and bodywork available seven days a week.

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Massage Services in Nashville, TN


Swedish Massage

swedish massage nashville relaxation massage nashville

For light to moderate pressure bodywork, Swedish massage can be be a profoundly relaxing and nurturing way to ease daily stress and allow yourself to unwind. Utilizing long, flowing strokes and a rhythmic pace, Swedish massage is recommended for first time clients and those who prefer a lighter and gentler approach for their massage sessions.


Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue bodywork nashville massage deep tissue nashville

 Deep Tissue massage is highly focused, localized bodywork using slow, precise strokes, with the intention of affecting the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This modality is recommended for those who have chronic or recurring muscle tension and/or prefer deeper bodywork with more pressure. Usually applied in one or two areas during a session such as the shoulders or low back.



acupressure nashville acupressure massage nashville

Acupressure is the application of finger pressure, which can be light or deep, to well known points on the body, with the intention of releasing tight or painful muscular tissue.  A session can consist of acupressure alone, in combination with another modality such as Swedish or deep tissue, and can even be done with the client fully clothed. By focusing on one area at a time, acupressure is one of the most effective ways to release area specific tensions and chronic muscular armoring. 

Sports and Stretching


sports and stretching nashville sport massage nashville

Sports massage and stretching can be wonderful for pre and post event warm up and cool down. If you participate in athletic events like the Music City Marathon, or just have a weekly workout routine, receiving sports massage afterward can help ease the recovery period. Sports massage incorporates light to deep pressure, compression and stretching into a session tailored to fit your needs. Make time to incorporate massage into your training schedule and benefit from increased range of motion and greater flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage


soothing stone massage nashville nashville hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a great way to relax with the comfort of warm, soothing basalt stones sculpted over the entire body. These stones can be used in variety of ways such as held like a tool in the palm of the hand, laid strategically down the back, or used to warm the tissues before applying more pressure with the hands. Stone massage is a wonderful way to experience massage for the first time, and can be used with any  other style for added warmth or to encourage muscle relaxation.

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